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A well-established international track record working with FSTE 100 corporations.

About Andrew Fox

HR Director with a well-established international track record working with FSTE 100 corporations.

Hello, I am Andrew Fox; an HR Director with a well-established track record working with FSTE 100 corporations, charities and the public sector. I take pride in delivering change and growth into complex global organisations as a practical, passionate and highly commercial HR professional. I have a degree in Social Science, an honours degree in Occupational Psychology and am a charted fellow of the CIPD. I combine both theory and strategic implementation to enhance business performance and enable people development.

My ability to influence senior leaders, boards, and regulators and solve problems, whether navigating significant change or delivering technological advancements, I feel has characterised my career to date. This led me to serving as a key member of the RBWM REMCO, RBWM EXCO and HR EXCO. I moved on to lead an aggressive multi-year resourcing strategy , growing the compliance team from ~3000 to ~8500 so that they could meet the demands an increasingly stringent global regulatory environment.

I was the Group Head of Learning and Talent Development for HSBC. I joined HSBC in August 2008 as the Head of HR UK Bank. During this time, I have been able to see the Global Change initiatives be developed and deployed by HSBC and the significant positive impact on the culture and values of the business this has created.

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Elaine Arden, Group Head HR, HSBC

"Andrew. Well done this morning. You were sharp and focused. You didn’t miss the point, but didn’t embarrass or generate defensiveness from anyone. You’ve done well to get this on the table and been courageous to see it through in the right way. Thanks again...."

Doug Sharp, President GP Stategies

"Andrew, I just read the official announcement about you and felt compelled to send you a note. Although we worked together for a relative short time, it was enough time to realize how exceptional you are as a leader and person. You took over a global operation involving hundreds of people and turned it on its head... "

Nathan Bostock, CEO Santander UK

"You have been a pleasure to work with, professional, highly resilient, tenacious and relentlessly focused on delivery and setting high standards. Thank you...."

Recent Achievements:

Impact Study for Environment Agency

I was recently given the opportunity to work alongside the Environment Agency, helping develop their leadership capabilities. I deeply value the unique experience of working with people who connect so passionately with the organisation's values..

I travelled to India to create an Impact Study of work carried out during 2018 working with the teachers, rural communities, government and police on the disturbingly common acts of sexual violence, harassment and trafficking or women and children in the state of Telengana. I found this to be greatly rewarding, filling me with hope for the education of this future generation of women.


Telangana India

Andrew Fox (MD at Rhino Consulting & previously Group Head of Learning & Talent Development) discusses the impact of sexual abuse and trafficking of women and young children in India. Following Andrew's recent trip to Telangana, India, some key issues were brought to light which Andrew discusses before relating this to how UK businesses and professionals have started to express their own thoughts.

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