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The lifeblood of any business is its people. Do you need help managing yours?

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Executive Coaching

Based on a unique combination of formal qualifications and multi geographic experience, I am uniquely placed to coach senior executives concerning both their development, personal growth and performance.

A mixture of empathy, keen insight, and ability to challenge and be direct enable me to focus on an outcomes based process which produces positive results.

Forensic HR

Based on 30 Years’ experience and formal education in HR, I am able to provide the following services with confidence;

  • High level sensitive investigations/enquiries
  • An analysis of you HR model and its efficacy for your particular business
  • A skills audit of your HR Department
  • In conjunction with partners, a development programme for your HR management team

Complex Organisational Development

The Business environment is changing so rapidly that organisations have to do more than just run fast to keep up. Leaders in particular have to adapt immediately to manage in a more fluid collaborative and dynamic environment.

We have experience with large scale change programmes, including M&A's. Strategic Growth projects, cost cutting exercises, Culture and Values development and deployment and large scale capability development. In short organisation redesign in order to future proof your company.

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An HR company commercially focused and results driven with an excellent track record in leading brands in Financial Services and Professional Services, Globally.